meet your new favorite nail polish…

by liza darwin

Flashback: remember when you were a little kid and were so thrilled with new polish, you wanted to paint each nail a different color?

Although we haven't experienced that urge in 10+ years, we were majorly tempted to finger paint with the brand-new Scotch Naturals shades. The Arizona-based company makes 13 lacquers that are nontoxic, long-lasting, and totally gorgeous.

All it takes is one swoop (no need for base or top coats), and you're good to go. Although we think it's cute that the square containers resemble a bottle of their namesake drink, we're even more impressed by their selection of shiny colors.

The only problem with these amazing hues? Unless rainbow-colored fingernails make a comeback, it's tough to stick with just one.

Buy them here.