Photo via Twitter/@CincinnatiZoo


Of Course Fiona The Hippo’s Skin-Care Routine Is Dope

It involves blood sweat?

Fiona The Hippo has it good: a sizeable social media following, meals for days, and a natural skin-care routine that would put your favorite beauty brand out of business should human skin ever evolve out of needing products on products on products.

For Fiona doesn't need any products to stay dewy and moisturized. She dews herself! Her skin does all the moisturizing for her! Your fav could never! No, but for real, like all hippos, Fiona's skin produces this thing called blood sweat. The Cincinnati Zoo says this oily red substance acts like a sunscreen, moisturizer, and antiseptic. The San Diego Zoo expands on that latter part, saying this is what helps keep a wound from getting infected by the dirty water hippos spend most of their day in. "Hipposudoric acid" and "norhipposudoric acid" are what contribute to the sweat's reddish color which is, according to science, made by amino acids. 

So basically, Fiona's skin-care routine is living. Wish we could say the same!