FIRST LISTEN: Miserable Halloween Dream EP

The new EP from Kristina Esfandiari is here…and it’s AMAZING!!

by Josh Madden

It's my personal opinion that the only thing better than a loud fuzzed-out guitar is a loud fuzzed-out guitar with a strong vocal accompanying it. And if that vocal happens to be a daydream-inducing female vocal--it's a wrap. Let me introduce you to Miserable, a new project from Kristina Esfandiari. You may recognize her name and voice, as she provided vocals for Whirr, and if you like them, then you're going to go nuts for this new EP.

The EP's title Halloween Dream couldn't be more appropriate, as the four song storm of sound is absolutely transportive. Check out what Esfandiari had to say about the impetus and writing process of the tracks below.

Touring, creativity, and sanity-Halloween Dream is very close to my heart and it feels very important to me. I wrote the song "Halloween Dream" before I left for the Whirr European/UK tour. Though I was grateful to experience traveling there, it was an overall rough trip; I felt very isolated and anxious most of the time. Listening to Chasms Riser and arranging/writing this EP were basically the only things that helped me keep my sanity on tour.

On writing the EP-While I was writing this EP, there was a lot of confusion within me. A constant battle of wanting something you can't have, looming regret, and the fear of making unpleasant decisions kind of just bled into my writing. Going into the studio, I felt very focused and had a strong vision of what I intended to create. I recorded the EP with Pat Hill, an incredibly brilliant and amazing dude to work with.

On "Halloween Dream"-"The title track of this EP was written about someone who pulled me out of a really low place and inspired me to start writing songs again.. This human being changed my life forever."

I'm not even going to try and explain "shoegaze in 2014" or go on a wild band comparison goose chase. I simply and strongly urge you to check out Halloween Dream below and then head HERE--or if you're a vinyl head like me, cop that wax HERE. Check the Miserable Facebook HERE for all news and updates.