travis birkenstock, meet your dream girl.

by faran krentcil

Charlotte Ronson's show is always a shop-the-runway endeavor: You go, you say "I want that, and that, and that!" and then you run home and figure out how it'll all fit in your closet.

This season was no exception, as Charlotte churned out a string of clothes that could be called Grunge Without the Grungy-ness. Floral dresses paired with flat boots.  Wool socks under spike heels.  And hoodies ingeniously tied into button-front skirts, paired with sweet schoolgirl blouses in (yeah) more florals. 

It's no accident that the Ronson show opened and closed with Lindsey Wixson, the 17-year-old Kansas native who's become something of an icon for The New Pretty.  Sure, the Prada campaign star has the pillowed lips and alien eyes of previous catwalk ingenues (see: Gemma Ward and Lily Cole), but something in her gaze and walk suggests she's paying way more attention - and that she actually cares about all this fashion stuff.

And thanks to Charlotte, so do we.

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