first look: corey lynn calter

and you see your gypsy…

by faran krentcil

Dear Stevie Nicks,

Thank you for playing last night on The Voice. That was pretty amazing.  Thank you also for teaching Gwyneth Paltrow how to play "Landslide" on her guitar during the second season of Glee.  Knowing she had your blessing made the episode much better.  And finally, thank you for the Fall 2011 collections.  We know you didn't technically design them, but they're pretty much all about you, your closet, and how everyone today can still wear your style without looking like a sad '70s throwback.  Your cool is eternal, your wide-leg jeans are forever in our suitcase, and your songs are forever on Shuffle mode. 


Faran @ NYLON

PS:  This is Corey Lynn Calter's latest look book.  I think you'll like it.