the denim brand grows up and gets wild…

by ali hoffman

Since moving to New York from Los Angeles a few years back, I've learned certain things just don't translate unless substituting with the East Coast equivalent: Red Vines are just Twizzlers, freak dancing is grinding, and In-and-Out is an urban legend at best. But when it comes to Frankie B, the denim line every girl in my high school lusted over, the substitute just doesn't exist.

Since founded by Daniella Clarke in 1999, the L.A.-based label's become synonymous with super tight, super low, rock-'n'-roll jeans to wear on a wild night--and then to breakfast the next morning. And just about every girl I grew up with remembers--and likely still owns--her very first pair. But nostalgia aside, the brand's new fall collection showcases a much more mature, evolved look. Featuring everything from a leather paneled pencil skirt to a studded denim jacket, and a pair of hot pink leather-like pants even Ziggy Stardust would approve of, Frankie B's definitely crossed of from tween-land to a range we'd likely find in Alison Mosshart's closet.

Our favorite piece from the collection? A high-waisted pant featuring a digital print of the New York skyline--just to give the East Coast a little love.

Check out available styles here!