photo by: faran krentcil



off with her shoes!

by faran krentcil

In terms of local designers, Giles Deacon arguably has the hottest ticket in town. Maybe it's because a few years ago, he lured Marilyn Manson onto his runway.  Maybe it's because Veruschka took his catwalk last spring, or because he cast Agyness Deyn before anyone even knew who she was, or because Gwen Stefani took his entire 2008 collection and turned it into her Sweet Escape video.

Whatever the cause, Giles is always packed and a bit of a fashion fight - huge lines, "Don't you know who I am"-s, the whole deal.  It's always worth it, of course, because the clothes are killer.  But this season, the production team took advantage of the madness and put us all on trial - literally.  Our tickets were a court summons, made to look exactly like a British subpoena.  (Yes, fashion girls can spell "subpoena.")  And since the show happened inside the Royal Halls of Justice, it looked like everyone from Pixie Geldof to Anna Della Russo was teetering via stiletto towards their judgment day.

The clothes were basically the same vibe - fantastically severe shapes with black leather demi-corsets and stiff high necks that suggested an S&M dominatrix version of the doomed royal sister, Mary Queen of Scots.  (Earlier at Burberry, we got a forward-thinking version of another Mary - Ms. Quant - so if Chanel decides to go with Mary Poppins, Mary Tyler Moore, or Mary Magdalene, we've officially got a trend on our hands.)  It was all very grown-up, in an inspiring, "Oh crap, maybe I should dress more like a grown-up because they're so sexy," kind of way.

Towards the end, there were some massive shaggy furs and ostrich feathers - some coats, some collars, and two ingenious ballgown skirts -  that elicited appropriate "Why don't I own that?" coughs from the front row.  And since New Look was a sponsor of the catwalk, we can only hope they make their own plastic fantastic versions of "Where The Wild Things Dress."

Oh wait - New Look still isn't sold in America? Despite having US actress Taylor Momsen in their campaign?  Okay, well - the nails were long, blood red, and matte - at least we can get those, no matter the continent.  Thanks, O.P.I.