if a happy meal came with a perfume…

by faran krentcil

There's something so brilliant about Harajuku Lovers perfume, created by Gwen Stefani and released each season in brand-new outfits. They're little fashion action figures, they're pint-sized cosmetics, they're basically just kinda perfect.

For Fall, the five characters - Love, Lil' Angel, Music, Baby, and "G" for Gwen - take inspiration from the Japanese streets, especially the Takeshita-Dori.  According to the Harajuku crew, that's "a narrow pedestrian-only street packed with young fashionable people... definitely the place to go if you're crazy about fashion." 

Check out their latest outfits, and super-adorable pink hair, rolling into beauty counters now.  (Seriously, why are we so obsessed?!)