henry’s discovered a new species - tweedy birds!

by faran krentcil

Henry Holland's show notes warned, "Expect sexed-up tweeds for next season." That's a big part of what he sent down his runway today in London - if by "sexed-up," he meant, "the color of your favorite Popsicle."

Sweet mini-suits skipped down the catwalk in raspberry, lemon, and lime, but thanks to Luella Bartley's past homages to party-dreaming schoolgirls, they were less shocking and more adorable.  ("Super adorable," is actually what I frantically punched in my iPhone at the time, but some of you guys are grammar sticklers, so...)

Holland continued his playful streak with pool-ball dotted blouses, pearl-encrusted tees, and a knitted afghan pattern screened onto raincoats and one long skintight dress.

Our favorite parts: A walk by the model Charlotte Free (duh), and a blue tweed trench trimmed with black patent leather flaps and a spiky black belt. 

And just in case we can't afford the actual clothes once August hits - or we've already hoarded away the iconic Luella versions of yore - we can hit up for the stockings, a new version of his alphabet tights with neon letters instead of black ones, that have already hit the must-have list of most front row girls (and definitely this one).