babydoll dresses and bunny rabbits.

by ali hoffman

From United Bamboo's Cat Calendar to Miu MIu's incredible sparrow print, fashion's close-knit relationship with animals should come as no surprise. But before before you deem this old news and click away, we think you may find the latest fad in critter couture pretty cool (er, paw-some).

Enter Lashes of London, the new London-based brand taking the animal game to much more literal heights. Photographed by Masha Mel in a petstore, the brand ditched the photo studio for their spring '13 collection, opting instead for a pet store. The result? Bubblegum baby doll dresses accessorized with fluffy bunnies, a lavender pleated miniskirt paired with a beagle pup, and a really cool corset top with, yes, a kitten.

Sure you could argue the brand stacked the deck with this one, but at the end of the day, we think cute animals paired with even cuter clothes is a winning combo.

Check out the full range here!