introducing the smallest status bag ever, plus lv wellies!

by faran krentcil

No matter how disdainful the fashion crowd is of giant logo bags, there's one they'll always carry: A Louis Vuitton. It can be plastered with Murakami cartoons, sprayed in Stephen Sprouse tags, or rendered in bright red patent leather - somehow, no matter how blatant, a Vuitton stamped with the brand's signature LVs is still fun and chic.

For 2012, designer Marc Jacobs riffed on LV heritage yet again, showing a cheeky nod to La Dolce Vita with Vespa hues like cherry red and aqua, perforated canvas and leather that mimics the texture of racing gloves, and leopard-stamped biker helmets. 

There's also the teeny-tiniest bag ever (we're not even sure it will fit our Android) and - holy cow - Louis Vuitton galoshes.  Guess the company realized Jimmy Choo x Hunter couldn't have all the fun...