shiny happy campers holding hands!

by faran krentcil

These days, there's a street style photographer lurking anywhere fun. That means instead of enjoying yourself at a giant beach rave, you've got to balance your vodka lemonade with the totally understandable (but still annoying) urge to look blog-worthy at all times. Mara Hoffman seems to have grasped this dilemma, and created a collection that's perfectly fine to get wet (and even muddy), but still stylish enough to land you a coveted spot on Lookbook.Nu. Her latest range has wood-block prints, sheer black siren skirts, and neon dotted prints to give a little oomph to the bustier area. But the shapes and materials she uses - mostly cotton, mostly long and breezy - are easy enough to battle through concert crowds, booze boats, and beach parties that don't particularly care if there's a downpour in their midst. Of course, if you want to wear this stuff poolside, paired with expensive heels and a Speedy bag, and surrounded by your iPhone camera and the Make Up For Ever eyeliner used on the runway, nobody will argue with that either...