first look: marc by marc jacobs fall ’14


by Josh Madden

first look: marc by marc jacobs fall '14

As long as I've lived in New York city, 11 years to be exact, I'll never get tired of those "New York moments" and I think if I ever did it would be time to call it quits. I'll also forever be a fan of Marc Jacobs, both the design mogul and the forever young creative, side which he somehow maintains simultaniously...I'll forever be studying everything move he makes. Marc Jacobs is like our older brother with all the cool friends and of course all the best what am I getting at?

Well today I had one of those "New York moments" when a friend who just so happens to work for Marc sent me a last minute text that read "Yo! We're shooting the collection at these ramps on the Lower East Side, come check it out real quick!" Leave it to Marc Jacobs to keep it real and do something like this--but what does it all mean?

Well, we ran over to the spot and knocked on huge metal nondescript door which opened to exactly as the text said--a bunch of skate/BMX ramps. A photographer was in the process of shooting a couple dudes in the fall '14 Marc by Marc Jacobs men's collection and it was then that we were notified that in an unprecedented move, the collection wouldn't be shown on the runway this season--we like it, we like it. What's even more, we LOVE the collection! Straight out of



BMX Bandits

the Marc by Marc team created a collection

Cru Jones

would be stoked to wear. From the neon colored logo clad jackets to the track style socks, every piece of the collection looks race ready. Growing up on a crome'd out GT Pro series this collection feels like home to me.

We definitely lingered a little longer than we probably should and you know we couldn't resist even trying a few things one (you can't do that at a runway show) but can you blame us, just look at this stuff! Thank you to Marc and his team for this exclusive first stop is

the GT website

, we're all stoked to get back on the BMX now!