the most awesome sneaker collab in the world.

by nylon

We've been waiting to tell you. We're excited to announce our second project with NIKE, and this time it's with NIKEiD.. We couldn't be more thrilled about round two.

In 2009, NYLON Nikes's gave you some intensely neon kicks--since that has always been our signature move--but this time we're changing it up. Of course we're not excluding neon, but we chose nine individuals from around the world to tell their personal stories through NIKEiD customization: There's representation from LA, Paris, London, Japan, and, of course, New York's finest, including NYLON's editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett and four of our editors. Which means tons of new color combinations--made by us--coming straight from several of NikeiD's 36 different locations worldwide.

Now that the secret's out, there's even more good news: Starting Monday, you can create your own pair exclusively through on your desktop or mobile device--Dunk Highs are $150 and Dunk Lows are $140. Thanks for letting us get that off of our chests! We're excited to see our customized Dunks hit the streets of the world's most stylish cities. The most awesome magazine in the world teaming up with the most awesome sneakers in the world: What could be cooler than that?

Vashtie Kola's NYLON x NIKEIDs.

Dani Stahl's NYLON x NIKEIDs.