first look: the mortal instruments

the ultimate shadowhunters uniform, courtesy of tripp nyc and hot topic.

by rebecca willa davis

You needn't have read the five published books in The Mortal Instruments series to know that the fantasy-action series is going to be huge this summer.

But rather than debate whether it will become the next Hunger Games or Twilight once the film version of book one, City of Bones, comes out on August 23, we'd like to turn your attention to something a little more stylish: The series is also getting its very own clothing line.

Tripp NYC, the 'goth-punk clothing line born in the '80s-era East Village, has teamed up with Hot Topic on a collection that is less a carbon copy of what you'll see Clary Fray (aka Lily Collins) or Luke Garroway (aka Aidan Turner) wear onscreen and more an interpretation of what a modern day, city-dwelling Shadowhunter would wear.

Think faux leather-accented tank tops, keyhole lace dresses, a studded, pleated pair of overalls, and a pair of leggings with a cityscape printed along the bottoms. "The costumes in the film had such a great underground feel, which translated extremely well to a line of apparel that's very rock and roll--and very now," says Tripp NYC's founder and designer Daang Goodman.

The collection is very limited edition--and hitting Hot Topic in early July--so you'll want to put your order in well before you get your tickets to the City of Bones opening night. Or, you know, just skip the film and curl up on a couch while wearing the Isabelle dress and start reading book two.

Parallel Worlds Dress

The Raziel Tank and Clary Moto Jacket

The Angelic Power Tank and Shadow World Leggings

The Angelic Power Tank and Shadow World Leggings

The Clary Dress

The Clary Moto Jacket

The Isabelle Dress

The Jace Vest