savannah and sienna make jeans!

by faran krentcil

Twenty8Twelve has always been a go-to label for dress-like-a-celeb pieces, and with good reason: designer Savannah Miller has been crafting clothes for Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson since she was in college, while her little sister Sienna has been a model, a muse, and a very stylish movie version of Edie Sedgwick. This season, the label continues to grow, with a pair of jeans that are both skinny and flared. (How? We don't quite know, but check them out. Mick Jagger would want them...) There's also a requisite nod to the curious runway trend of silk pajamas - in one photograph, Sienna appears to be wearing drawstring boxers with her expensive sweater. Today, London, tomorrow, Kanye West's music video?