attention anglophiles - your wish is her f***ing command.

by faran krentcil

Things that made us squeal at Vivienne Westwood:

1. NYLON girl crush Charlotte Free opening the show.  Los Angeles in the house!

2.  A t-shirt with Shakespeare wearing a red clown nose.  It's about time.

3.  The giant crowns held together by even bigger pipe cleaners. stuck on top of very messy hair.

4.  Stiff taffeta bubble hems in brown tie-dye fabric, mismatched tweeds in purples and greens, and one pair of seriously insane silver sequin boy shorts - stuff that looks like Vivienne Westwood (but not like the Vivienne Westwood we already own). 

5.  The we-swear-we-really-saw-it appearance of McKee from Top Model on Vivienne's runway.  This is frustrating only because we can think of many other Tyra trainees (Kim Stoltz, Nicole Fox, Nicole Linkletter, basically every girl on the show whose name was Nicole...) whom we would have loved to see on the catwalk, too.

Also slightly bummed that there was no protest note / Amnesty International brief / CNN dispatch on our seats tonight.  But perhaps since Dame Vivienne threw her show in the Royal Hall of Justice, she figured most people in the building already knew about Leonard Pelletier.