first look: wesc x bing bang

jewelry so cool, it’s dangerous.

by liza darwin

Beside her own lines, Anna Sheffield has already dipped her ring-clad fingers in collaborations with everyone from Phillip Lim to Urban Outfitters.

And now the New Mexico-bred, NYC-based jewelry designer is taking things underground with a new line for WeSC.

She's teamed up with streetwear brand on a new mini-collection of rings, bracelets, and even headphones that are easy on the frills, heavy on the grit.

This means we can expect Sheffield's signature arrow motifs along with knuckle duster necklaces and pocket knife pendants that are as likely to intimidate as they are to impress.

And since each one costs about $80-$100, you can still look tough- even if you don't feel like beating up your wallet at the same time.

Buy the collection at the end of the month at