first look: whetherly

harley viera newton’s latest modeling gig.

by ray siegel

We think Harley Viera Newton looks good in just about anything--mostly because her personal style is so strong that it can't help but shine through--even when she's being styled from head-to-toe in a wardrobe that isn't her own.

Speaking of which, we have an exclusive to Newton's latest modeling gig: Whetherly's spring line of tees and knitwear. Designer Leila Nasseri called upon her because, according to her, "Harley embodies the Whetherly woman in every sense. She's creative, effortlessly chic, and genuine with a hint of mystery." That last bit is key.

Click through our picks from the newest lookbook. We're guessing that's not Newton's vacuum either, but her domesticity look is totally convincing. OK, maybe not, but she looks amazing.