first look: won hundred x uo

four more reasons to shop your favorite site.

by ray siegel

Won Hundred is one of the many cool, minimalist lines to come out of Copenhagen--and if you haven't checked in with them in awhile, they've evolved quite a bit past jersey and jeans since the line started in 2004. It's because founder Nickolaj Nielsen takes a different approach to design. "We have a dream of creating clothes that enforces the personality of the person who wears it, as opposed to dictating an invented identity," is how he puts it.

Which is exactly what we like about the brand's new four-piece capsule collection that they've just launched with Urban Outfitters. We'll have no problem incorporating any one of these into our wardrobe—it fits right in with our model-off-duty fall look—which just can't be achieved without black and white graphic prints. The prices range from $99 to $149 for the dresses, skirt, and top…and it's only at Urban Outfitters.