cut your denim shopping time in half with a new app.

by faran krentcil

Currently, Macy's has 566 pairs of jeans available for women. That's a maddening amount of pants to try on - our limit is usually three - and it's especially frustrating since you just know your perfect new pair of skinnies are in there somewhere.

To help sort it out, Macy's just launched a new app, called True Fit.  It asks for your favorite brands, your height, your weight, and the shape of your butt, hips, and legs (an illustrated catalog that's kind of fun, but a little bit intense).  Then it calculates a personalized list of jeans built to fit your frame (and your budget, if you plug that into the search engine).

The service is free, and extremely fast - something we appreciate when trying to weed through almost 600 pairs of potential fashion scores.

Try the True Fit Denim Quiz here.