five questions : mayer hawthorne

Talking sports with the Mayer of Detroit…

by Josh Madden

As we sit down for a quick minute with Mayer Hawthorne a random girl from somewhere behind us yells, "My friend loves you Mayer!" It was pretty much the same when we met with the soulful dude in Austin during SXSW, and--if you're familiar with his music--it's easy to understand why. His new record Where Does This Door Go comes out tomorrow and he's in town to play New York City's Bowery Ballroom tonight but this weekend we sat down with him just to talk sports. Our friends at New Era brought Hawthorne, Schoolboy Q, and Pusha T together to play a secret gig to kick off All Star weekend, that made more than a little bit of noise. We changed up our five questions a little to fit New Era's #WearYourAllegance campaign and as it turns out Hawthorne is quite the sports head. Check out his answers below and check out his jamms over HERE on soundcloud...just make sure to keep your girl away from him.

What's your favorite sports team?The Detroit Lions.Who is your favorite athlete of all time?Barry Sanders.Where you a card collector?Yeah man, I had all the cards, basketball, football, baseball, you name it.What was the first sporting event you ever attended?The Lions Thanksgiving day game...I was six years old and my uncle had season tickets.What sport would you play professionally?I played basketball in High school and that's how my first group Athletic Mic League met, so I'd be in the NBA man.