five questions with eddie huang

The multi-talented food personality….

by Christian Lavery

A former lawyer that now sits perched as an advocate for the young and cultured, the multi-talented Eddie Huang can’t help but have his hands tied up in all kinds of interesting endeavors. Not only is he known as the chef and owner of BaoHuas -- the NYC restaurant that has been taking Taiwanese eating to the next level since 2008, but Huang has also built an empire off his wildly popular blog, Fresh Off The Boat. Along with publishing a bestselling eponymous memoir, the D.C born food personality is now returning to Vice for season two of his genre-bending web series Fresh Off The Boat with Eddie Huang.

Premiering tonight on, each episode will air in three parts every Monday through March, and examine cities in transition in a way only Eddie can. Mixing humor and real genuine experience, the seven-episode series takes you on a journey through Mongolia and Moscow, New York and Detroit, as well as just about everywhere in between to look into serious problems that plague today’s societies through the common factor of food.

But before you watch Eddie travel the globe and eat some interesting food in some interesting places, see what he had to say when we asked him our five questions.

What was the first live show you went to?It was Outkast as the House of Blues in Orlando.

What was the first record you bought?I always had tapes growing up but I think the first record I bought was the Care Bears theme song record.

What was the first car you owned?I had a Mercedes Benz SLK. My dad had actually forgot it was my birthday and bought the car for himself. When he came home and realized it was my birthday he handed the keys over to me.

What was your favorite cartoon/TV show growing up?Transformers was my favorite but I also loved Thundercats and Ninja Turtles.

What posters were hanging on your bedroom wall in High School?A chick at school gave me an oil painting of Tupac that she had done by hand so I had that hanging on my wall. But I also had posters of Charles Barkely, Patrick Ewing, the Washington Redskins, and Eminem. Aside from posters I would keep all the bad reviews and detention slips teachers would give me and hang them on my wall as motivation.