five questions with g-eazy

Living life on the road…

by Josh Madden

A lot can change in a couple months...last time we sat down with G-Eazy it was March, South by Southwest was in full swing and he'd been touring non-stop supporting his Must Be Nice. Yesterday G stopped by to share that while somethings don't change, he hasn't left the road, but he's playing arenas now! He's on the America's Most Wanted Tour with none other than Lil' Wayne, 2Chainz, and T.I. playing to the biggest audiences yet. He also told us that he's not leaving the road any time soon either. As a matter of fact, he's got a studio on the back of his bus where he's putting the finishing touches on his new record. Seriously, this dude told us that he's going to finish his tour with Lil' Wayne, drop his new record, continue to tour, and be happy about it because that's exactly what he wants to do. We're pulling for him because not only is he talented but he's one of the hardest working dudes we've met and couldn't be nicer. If you can't get out to see him on this tour, check out all of his music HERE and peep the videos below. Oh, also, we changed up our five questions sort of the same way we did with Mayer recently because we just thought we needed some new ones. Thanks for stopping by G, we'll see you soon man.What's your favorite sports team?LakersWho is your favorite athlete of all time?Kobe BryantWere you a card collector?No cards...What was the first sporting event you ever attended?Warriors vs. Rockets...I remember Charles Barkley was playing for the Rockets.What sport would you play professionally?Basketball.