flashback: aubrey plaza in nylon guys

We are thankful…

by Josh Madden

flashback: aubrey plaza in nylon guys

It's Thanksgiving week and the year has flown by. So much has changed at NYLON Guys HQ--this year we got a brand new rad site, we have an

iPad app

, we're on


and it dawned on us that so much great stuff from our past just isn't online. So we went digging around in the archives...and who did we find but one of our favorite people of all time, Aubrey Plaza.

Whether you developed your crush back in 2006 when she was on 

30 Rock

for an episode, or if you fell for her in the movies 

Funny People 


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


or if you just discovered her as April in 

Parks and Recreation


the simple fact is that if you know her, you love her. That said, in spirit of Thanksgiving week we'd like to revisit the July of 2012 and the beautiful Aubrey Plaza and her NYLON Guys appearance, which we are super thankful for. Check out her NYLON TV below and just a heads up, 

she's got a new movie coming out in January