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chanel’s latest black polish is curiously strong.

by faran krentcil

Go to a Chanel beauty counter for their new Black Velvet nail lacquer, and you'll be told the limited edition shade is all sold out. But if you hit up, you'll be able to purchase a bottle with the simple click of your mouse.

But buying it's the easy part.  The hard part is figuring out what, exactly, the Black Velvet shade actually is.  Yes, it's black with blood-red undertones, but much like velvet itself, in certain lights it's matte, and in others it sparkles.  Its web photo shows a pool of matte black polish with shiny edges.  And Temptalia can't decide if its texture is "rubbery" or "vinyl" (read their rundown here).

Either way, it's a goth-y alternative to this summer's influx of neon yellow and orange shades - although incidentally, Chanel's website has those "sold out" colors, too.

Chanel Black Velvet nail lacquer, $25 at

Temptalia shoots the new shade!