Florence And The Machine Debut Delilah Music Video

this era is just so good.

Florence + the Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful era has seen its front-woman internally battling her demons and exorcising them through pensive retreats and some serious choreography. From the album’s first video—its title track—Welch and her foes combatted one another through dance. The videos that followed were dimly lit, often sweaty explorations of addiction. All that comes to an end in the new video for “Delilah,” the sixth chapter of her Odyssey.

Directed, again, by Vincent Haycock, “Delilah” finds Welch roaming a dingy Los Angeles motel, skirting temptation, and, ultimately, asserting her independence. There are obvious references to the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, but that’s just the launching point. In an interview with Rookie, Haycock explained the video is more about “[Florence] returning to her true self, killing off the ego version of herself, and finding her way home again.” At the end, Welch, buttoned up in a red blazer and pant, triumphantly rides through the streets of Los Angeles—one of the album’s many inspirations—as a hat tip to her newfound freedom. The final scene brings the entire Odyssey full-circle, with clips from her previous videos spliced together, ending in the forest setting where it all began.

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