Florence And The Machine Ship To Wreck Song - New Music

listen to “ship to wreck”

Another day, another Florence + The Machine song. And this time, it’s something a little more radio friendly.

Unlike the previous tracks Welch has teased off her forthcoming LP How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, “Ship To Wreck” takes a bigger chunk out of her Lungs playbook. The harshness of “What Kind of Man” is replaced with a bit of poppy self-loathing. Her usual themes of drunken debauchery rear their playful heads with lyrics like “Did I drink too much / Am I losing touch / Did I build a ship to wreck.” It’s one of those tracks you’ll likely wind up belting after throwing a few back in the wee hours of the night.

Though Welch has only released the audio for “Ship To Wreck,” a video is most likely on the way, since every other single off this new project has been accompanied with one in time. But for now, get down to this.

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