Watch Florence + The Machine’s “Ship To Wreck” Video

the latest in the ‘how big how blue how beautiful’ odyssey

When Florence + The Machine released the radio-friendly single "Ship to Wreck" last week, we had a feeling that a video was right around the corner. Debuted during the Coachella livestream this weekend, the video was officially released today, just in time for a Monday morning existential pondering session.

Filmed at Florence Welch's house, the video continues the How Big How Blue How Beautiful odyssey's themes. We see the singer struggle through an unhealthy relationship, just as in "What Kind of Man" and "St. Jude." She also grapples with an internal conflict (most likely addiction, given the song's lyrics), which is physically manifested in a doppelgänger, like in the title track. The video also features the rain motif and some interpretive dance, for good measure.

How Big How Blue How Beautiful will be released June 2nd.