photo by jade taylor


pass the lacquer

calling all mariah carey lovers: floss gloss has a new nail polish collection just for you!

I'll probably never stop raving about Floss Gloss girls Janine Lee and Aretha Sack, because everything they create is a mash-up of all things conceptual and cool, with some serious tongue-in-cheek humor, and a lot of anarchist spirit. Case in point: Their 4-piece Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Dubbed "All The Fixins," the latest group of lacquers is inspired by a southern summer picnic. And who better to dish (pun intended) about the colors and names of the polishes than the babes themselves? Read below and scroll through the gallery to find your perfect match!


JL: Warm milk. Salted butter.

AS: Da butteriest summer spread. Heavy cream.


JL: Mama's vamp, deep, dark, and berrywith a hint of grey.

AS: Picnic table red, a southern belle.


JL: Serious Mariah Carey moment. It will have your nails hitting that high note. A must for all holographic glitter lovers.

AS: Mariah Carey in a bottle.


JL: The original Floss Gloss color. True electric turquoise. Wet really pops. I'd argue it's the best turquoise nail polish out there, without a doubt.

AS: Da color of money, a P. Mane classic.

Floss Gloss Biscuits

Floss Gloss Picnic

Floss Gloss Honey

Floss Gloss Wet