Flume Likes His Love Shaken On The Rocks In His Latest Music Video

even more aural foreplay

Our first taste of Flume's New Skin was the single "Never Be Like You." Featuring Canadian singer Kai, the song is covered in sensual R&B tones. Now, the producer has shared the Clemens Habicht-directed film for the track. Starring Sophie Lowe and Sam Reid, it's loaded with even more aural foreplay. If you've never been drunk in love, this visual will help you imagine what it looks like.

The official press release explains that the music video tells "the story of an emotional state—the delicious euphoric pleasure that motivates the sort of mistakes that precede remorse. In a confused state a girl loses control as she gives in to a delirious beautiful and grotesque abandon that blurs the boundaries between reality, sensation, and perception as the world she is in melts away."

On Instagram, Flume added that the video reflects Habicht's "vision for the music" while also making Kai's lyrics "come to life." Watch all of the footage unfold, above.