test-driving the new smashbox powder eyeliner…

by liza darwin

We usually think of eyeliner in extremes. There's the clean and dramatic cat eye, which we've finally perfected with lots of mirror practice and a great liquid liner. And then there's the super-smudgy rockstar style, one that's a little bit haphazard, effortlessly cool, and looks even better as the night wears on.

But Smashbox is bringing another option into the mix, one that's supposed to be halfway point between the two. With its super-slim bottle, the new Soft Focus Power Eyeliner might look like our liquid staple. However, thanks to a round-tipped applicator and formula, this version is subtly smudgy and totally pretty- just like a soft focus photo.

The liner is really made of powder, so the application requires some trial and error (warning: only use a little bit or else you might end up accidentally channeling Taylor Momsen...). But since it's not too perfect, not too dramatic, and not too sweet, trust us when we say the end result is  picture perfect.

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