13 surprising celebrity couples that we all forgot about

    never forget...

    by and · July 28, 2015

    The thing is, the media has a job to make you feel like everything is urgent—or else, we would cease to exist or, worse, head into writing about politics. (Kidding—political writers are our heroes.) But in that be here now, two-second mediated memory, a lot is lost along the way. The landfill of forgotten pop-cultural milestones include TV shows that never made it past a season, musical reinventions that didn’t stick, and odd celebrity couples that simply do not make sense. And it is the latter that is endlessly interesting, especially since some of these super-famous folks seem so impossibly incongruous.

    Hopefully, a few of these strange, forgotten celebrity romances might make for good watercooler conversation. Just casually drop that Christian Grey dated Cecilia from Atonement and, bam, all of your shipping dreams will come true.

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