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the formula for a lasting relationship, according to math

the simple secret to happily ever after

by jenny lee

If you're wondering whether your relationship is going to last, there may be a simple way to find out. While it's pretty obvious that you can never really predict if two people will stay together, according to mathmatician Hannah Fry, math may help determine the odds of a relationship that will last from one that will inevitably break.

According to Fry's "Mathematics of Love" TED Talk, you can simply refer to a formula to determine its success rate

The formula basically comes down to how positively or negatively the couple perceives one another. "In relationships where both partners consider themselves as happy, bad behavior is dismissed as unusual," Fry explains. "In negative relationships, however, the situation is reversed. Bad behavior is considered the norm." Essentially, in a lasting relationship, one partner will assume the other is acting poorly due to external influences, like having a bad day or being sick, rather than internal influences, like a poor attitude or selfishness.

Fry also notes that in a successful relationship, couples are honest about their concerns or problems without triggering anger, and both parties can work through the issues positively, without holding any grudges. On the other hand, the more toxic relationships lack this kind of communication and result in the issues building up without being talked about.

Who knew math could be so useful when it came to love?