free movie: the year dolly parton was my mom

we’ve got your exclusive screening!

by liza darwin

Prescreen first popped up on our radar when we noticed the website was streaming our favorite Sundance Film Festival trailers in one place. It was a genius idea, so genius we didn't understand why nobody else had thought of it already.

Link: Movie buffs, watch the Sundance teasers here.

But what we didn't realize is that the site is also jam-packed with tons of awesome, under-the-radar indie gems ready to watch instantly. Case in point: the hilariously poignant new flick The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom. With the quirkiness of Juno paired with the snarky comedy of Dirty Girl, the coming-of-age tale follows 11-year-old Elizabeth Alison Gray on her search for the truth about her past. Starring newcomer Julia Sarah Stone (who's about to break out in a big way) and featuring a voiceover from Ms. Parton herself, it's a sweet reminder that everyone's family is a little bit crazy.

Because we loved the movie so much (and you, obviously), our friends at Prescreen are giving NYLON friends a first look at the film. Start watching here, and get ready to blast the Dolly Parton as soon as it's over.