free music: the kills

blow out your speakers with this new track from Jamie and Alison.

by faran krentcil

In our little New York bubble, The Kills have been everywhere. First they played a secret show at The Mondrian Soho on Thursday, then they hit Don Hills for the DeLeon Tequila showcase on Saturday.  But if you couldn't crash either party (shouldn't we have hover boards to get to rock concerts by now?!) you can still get in on the raging, ragged sound that Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart have created.

Today, The Kills release their new song, "DNA," as a free digital download.  Hit up their website and get it emailed to your phone or computer, and check out the new Kills music video "Satellite." 

Then it's just a short (?) three weeks until their new full album, Blood Pressures, debuts.  And we can wait that long, right?  Maybe?  Augh!

Download "DNA" by The Kills by clicking here.