the mystery’s over! get hooked on la’s wooziest buzz band here.

by liza darwin

In our music ADD generation, it takes a lot for a band to get noticed...especially when they're a complete mystery. Such is the case with L.A.'s The Neighbourhood, who up until yesterday was entirely anonymous - no photos, no information, no members' names, nothing- save for a pair of tracks that quickly made the rounds on the internet.

It seems like overnight that The Neighbourhood's breakout single "Sweater Weather" shot to #1 on The Hype Machine, with the group's prior song "Female Robbery" (released back in January) following close behind.

The song intros might sound suspiciously like a Lana Del Rey track (the opening to "Female Robbery" reminds us of "Blue Jeans"), but these guys quickly come into their own with hazy harmonies and a haunting instrumental backbone for an end result that can't help but leave us feeling a little bit light-headed.

Punch drunk love, indeed.

Download the songs below and find out more here.