This Music Video Explores The Six Stages Of Attraction

Very strange, indeed

If there's a formula to attraction, L.A. alt-folk duo Freedom Fry has found it. Together, with a cast of 17 strangers, they set out to illustrate their findings in a new music video.

"Strange Attraction" is a story told in six parts: the look, seduction, heavy breathing, the chills, sweat, and loss of control. All 17 individuals were asked to demonstrate each of the six stages. The result is a playful mix of flirtation, lust, and sublime bliss. "The last thing we asked each of them to do was make out with an invisible person," they tell us. "So they were actually kissing and licking the air in front of them to use for the split screen sections." Hey, art works in mysterious ways.

In the end, Freedom Fry has on their hands a video that encapsulates the notion that love is love, it wins, and everybody has the right to it.

"Strange Attraction" is lifted from Freedom Fry's Strange Attraction EP, out now.