should your shampoo have an expiration date?

by liza darwin

The food logic is simple: straight-from-the-garden fruits and veggies beat the processed stuff any day. But what happens when you take the organic snacks from the grocery aisle and put them in your beauty products?

That's the idea behind ELAVA Botanik, the first body care line made with 100% organic fruit. Their collection of shampoos and conditioners come stocked with pulp from avocado, papaya and mango. And just like the produce at Whole Foods, each one is marked with an expiration date.

We tested the shampoo and conditioner for several days and noticed that our hair felt healthier, looked brighter and smelled incredible. But we also found that we needed to use more of the product to thoroughly wash our hair- and it helped to leave it on for five minutes or so to get the full effect. The benefits are undoubtedly great; but like all things organic, they're unfortunately also stuck with a higher price tag (even the all-natural drugstore buys are slightly more expensive).

So let us know- when it comes to beauty, is there such a thing as "too fresh?"

$24.95 each here.