full moon fest exclusive playlist

In honor of the festival hitting NYC, a few select DJ’s put together tracks to get you ready…

by Christian Lavery

Inspired by Thailand's very own Full Moon Parties, Full Moon Fest is back to NYC's Governor's Beach Club August 8th with some of your favorite indie/electronic acts including live & DJ sets from Delorean, Le Youth, Penguin Prison, The Knocks, JDH & Dave P, Chela, The Aston Shuffle & more. The festival, which attracted over 4,500 awesome attendees for the third time last year, caters to music lovers across various genres. JDH & Dave P, who have toured alongside names like Simian Mobile Disco & Soulwax, have been rad enough to set the mood for you and provide us with ten reasons you should come enjoy a euphoric night under the moon via ten of their favorite buzz tracks of the moment. "We imagine starting early in the day, going into the night, and ending early the next morning," they tell us, "for that you need plenty of early/mellow james, peak time stuff, and euphoric tunes to get you through the party!" Hope to see you at the cabanas or maybe even the stageside tables, either way know you're gearing up for a summer night you won't forget.

You will find JDH & Dave P's list of ten tracks and reasons why you should listen below as well as the exclusive FMF "Waxing Moon" mix from, MATTE Projects family member, Poncho who is a New York City born and bred disc jockey. Check out our images from last year's Full Moon Fest HERE and buy tickets HERE.

1. The Drifter & Benjamin Frohlich - "Waterville" "Permanent Vacation always brings the heat for both early times and late-night vibes, and this one is no exception. Nice and summery."

2. Red Axes - "Too Late To Samba" "The percussion has an outdoor/tribal feel to it that makes it perfect for any full moon jam."

3. Essay - "Ocarina" "This a perfect tune for an outdoor party. More summer vibes!"

4. Mermaids - "Cherry Cola" "A nice jam for bbqs, outdoor parties, or Full Moon Fests!"

5. New Jackson- "Jam On Summer" "A perfectly named track!"

6. Simian Mobile Disco - "Tangents" "The warm synths in this new Simian Mobile Disco JAM create the perfect soundtrack to the beginning of a full moon set. The one builds on itself perfectly with the gradual rise of the full moon."

7. Moderat - "Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)" "Moody, yet euphoric, this track really has all the elements of the perfect soundtrack to a full moon fest experience. It's the ultimate track for dancing under the stars and the blue light of the full moon."

8. Lana Del Rey - "West Coast (Solomun Remix)" (Polydor Records) "Lana Del Rey's moody vocal creates the perfect tension and Solomun's MONSTER production breaks it in the perfect way making this one another essential track for a HYPER-RAD full moon experience."

9. Joy Wellboy - "Before the Sunrise (Dixon Remix)" (ToolroomRecords) "A full moon experience wouldn't be complete without a Dixon track and this one has the perfect balance of dark and light for dancing under the light of the full moon !!!"

10. Caribou - "Can't do Without You (Extended Mix) " "Without a doubt the track of the summer and the perfect closer to your full moon dancing experience. "

Poncho's "Waxing Moon" mix

-words by Miguel Angel