Everything You Need To Know About Today’s Full Moon In Libra

It’s all about navigating relationships

In the waking hours of Saturday, the moon will be full in Libra and will stay in Libra for approximately two-and-a-half days. Everything above and below us has readied itself for this part of the cycle, and as the moon drinks its fill of light and grows round, we fill up with light too—the light of the seeker and the firebrand.

If there are no coincidences then take it as a sign that Passover begins the night before the moon in Libra is full, Passover being a Jewish holiday that celebrates the resilience of Jewish people and their freedom from enslavement. If you are not Jewish or you are not religious, you might not know that many a Passover all over the world begins with the reading of the Haggadah—which presents parables grappling with Jewish suffering and liberation. In addition to traditional texts, many Jewish people amend the Haggadah to reflect the current conditions of the world today, speaking to modern day enslavement and the devaluation of human life. To recite Haggadah, is to quite literally practice “telling,” so that history is not forgotten and not repeated. To incorporate the struggles faced by Black Lives Matter and other POC, to amplify the voices of youth devastated by mass gun violence, is to practice Haggadah in service of one key tenet of Judaism: Tikkun Olam, which means Repair of the World. 

The Libra full moon is no stranger to this tenet since Libras are the diplomats of the Zodiac. In the wheel, it is cardinal Libra that initiates relationships and gives them strong footing so that they might expand to become networks and familial ties. While the sun shines stronger each day in the sign of Aries, gearing up our sense of ourselves as individuals and initiators, the Libra full moon demands we pause and reckon with our inevitable interdependence. 

What is a relationship? Libra asks, and: How do we relate? Relating is no easy task, either, when Mercury is retrograde in Aries. In fact, it might be tempting to work in solitude rather than rely on cooperation that seems ultimately doomed. Aries is the child of the zodiac—they don’t like hearing no and rarely understand the meaning of compromise. In some ways, this is their super power, and you can feel Aries energy pulsing through the young people who spoke irreverently at March for Our Lives in favor of gun control and systemic change. Aries’ resistance to cooperate is also their resistance to hierarchy, but to turn insurgence into praxis, Aries needs the methods that Libra provides. 

Perched opposite of Aries, Libra recognizes the work that has come before her and the power that rests beneath the surface of that work. She reaches across the lines and mends fences because she knows that, ultimately, we need each other. Ruled by Venus, planet of love, Libra has the power to use social graces without letting them use her. The Libra full moon is the constitution asking to be re-written and the Parkland youth stepping down from their platforms so that young survivors like Naomi Wadler and Edna Chavez could be heard. The Libra full moon is the story that precedes the exchange of power, she’s the contract Stormy Daniels held close until she was ready to throw it into the fire. And, finally, the Libra full moon is in all of us too, pushing us to reflect on the many times this month when we agreed to participate in building a world we don’t want to live in. In the days that follow, whether you observe Passover, Easter/Ostara, or simply the movements in our night sky, take time to sit with Libra’s wisest offering—how to recognize your purpose in the family of things; how to strive for the greatest good without compromising your truth.