Image Via HBO


Here’s The First Real Footage From “Game Of Thrones” Season 6

feast thine eyes.

So, yeah, the other day we showed you the first teaser for Game of Throne’s upcoming sixth season. Turns out that this teaser actually contained no real new footage. Sorry about that, we got excited. Can you really blame us, though? 

Well, we’re making it up to you right here with this HBO promo that contains not only brand-new, certified-unseen footage from GoT’s upcoming season, but a look ahead at several other upcoming HBO shows. Forgive us now?

Click play and—after HBO gives itself a long congratulations for a good 2015—you’ll see Daenerys with some wild, wild hair, we assume from hanging with that wild, wild khalasar she met up with at the end of season five. Also on the hair front, we’ve got a shot of Cersei with cute, Mia Farrow hair actually smiling—intriguing. 

It’s very little to look at, but after all these months, a little bit of something goes a long way. Also, you’ll see shots of Sarah Jessica Parker in her new series Divorce (woah, right?) and Issa Rae starring in her new show, uh, Issa Rae. Enjoy it all.