Game Of Thrones New Season Episode 4 - High Sparrow

and everyone is on a boat

This season is about journeys—the journey to battle, the journey to Essos, the journey to retaking the north. Everyone has a destination, and with the land of GoT larger than it has ever been, characters are finding some pretty strange bedfellows. So instead of a traditional recap, we are going to do a ranking of power couples, those duos who are now traversing the realm in pairs. Since it's not just the staggering surprises, but the dynamic dialogue. Each week, we are rank each pair to see who will win—and what crazy depths they'll go to—for the game of thrones.

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High Sparrow


The House Of Black And White


The Wars To Come

Hello readers, come close to your screens, and let us all embrace each other. Because, for the first time in the five seasons of Thrones, I’m unsure where we are headed and I cannot comfort you all in the middle of the night by telling you who will live and who will die. Last night’s big death was not written in the book—in fact, Barristan Selmy’s role only grew in book five, as he became clearly Dany’s most loyal supporter. But let us take the old Star Wars paradigm; there is no better way to galvanize a force than to kill off the mentor. 

It’s hard to say how many of these changes are distractions or short cuts, and now, since we are all caught up, non-book readers can be clued in that the Sand Snakes are given a much larger role this season, since Prince Doran locks them up so they won’t do exactly what they planned last night. Instead, in the book, the pro-sex, pro-woman country of Dorne had some grand (but not cruel) plans for Marcella. Now, however, she seems a bit like a prize to be won. Not going to lie: I’m a little scared for her. Hell, I’m a little scared for me.