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What The Gemini New Moon Means For You

It’s all about duality… and patience

This week both the Sun and the new moon are in Gemini, and people just can’t figure out how to feel about it. That’s because people aren’t always sure how to feel about Geminis and, truth be told, Geminis aren’t sure how to feel about Geminis either. Not everyone understands a Gemini and not everyone can. Duality isn’t something we’re taught to witness with empathy, it’s not something we’re taught to celebrate in ourselves. But, the world is full of undersides, of rocks that seem dry as bone, yet are wet with moss and living things once they're turned over. Duality represents the body and the shadow of the body, one Sun and a shifting number of moons. Yes, even the earth has more than one moon from time to time, but we should never confuse conflicting facts with what some demons like to call “alternative facts.” A Gemini who is flourishing under the light of the moon is an agent of knowledge—of information—and she offers her knowledge to anyone patient enough to listen.

Patience is a theme for this new moon, but it is not its power. When a moon is new in the sky, it is invisible. It reveals itself slowly, and the light is spare. In the night, we learn to see what we are offered, our pupils widen to take it all in. This new moon in Gemini wants you to work with the information you have, wants you to sit with it before you make any drastic decisions. She is generous in understanding the many sides of people and situations. Gemini doesn’t know a lot about patience or taking things slowly, but she loves to learn if she’s got a good teacher. This is the time to look for teachers in unexpected places—everything from a new book to a video of Bob Ross painting to a stranger you meet walking your dog. The new moon in Gemini knows that power isn’t always something you can see or show people, she knows all about duality because she is barely a rip in the sky and yet the Sun, also in Gemini, lights up half the earth. 

The new moon’s power comes on while your eyes are closed and reaches into dreams. That’s why it can be important to do dream work, to think about ways that you live in the nighttime, your dual self. Journaling in the morning, after waking, will jar your unconscious memories. Journaling at night helps you put your thoughts in order so that your dreams are more for journeying and less for anxieties. A Gemini loves to write it down and make sense of the insensible, so follow her lead and then go the extra mile. Once you write down what you know, write down what you want to learn and how you aim to learn it. Use your shadowy dreams to build your dream life. The energy of the Gemini new moon wants you to get up and out, shake it off, make something with your beautiful hands.

Because Gemini can be restless, indecisive, unsure of her own needs—because she readily serves the needs of others (some will find this hard to believe, but Gemini is a mutable sign, and she reflects what is around her)—it can be good for her to gather with friends who see her as she is. A generous and loving creature (the tarot card of the Lovers, even), when Gemini surrounds herself with empaths and creative people, she will naturally feel at ease and of use. The medicine of camaraderie, companionship, and mindful communication will serve anyone under this new moon, especially those looking to manifest a new life for themselves or at least a new sense of self for the summer. Last but certainly not least, take a lesson from Gemini and don’t forget to factor in fun—diversions that will have you flirting and dancing and making music till dawn. This is Gemini season, after all.