Listen To This Playlist And You Might Get Lucky

sexy time not guaranteed

Every year, come St. Patrick's Day, and everyone is suddenly Irish. "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" they scream, as they down another pint. "I've got the luck o' the Irish," they say. Well, some do and some don't. Reality bites, but it's comforting to know imagination doesn't grow away as we grow older.

With that said, there is luck to be found. (Or is it coincidence?) If you'd rather take fate into your own hands and make luck happen, though, what's stopping you? Here, to help you wrap your mind over matter, is a playlist dedicated to getting lucky. Now, your definition of "getting lucky" probably differs from your neighbor's definition of "getting lucky," but we can all agree that once you do, you feel good. (Though, that could be the Guinness talking.) Regardless of how your St. Patrick's Day turns out—and we hope it's everything and more—the best you can do is try. Unless, of course you are of Irish descent. For, if you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.