you don’t have to be feeling blue to look blue.

by ray siegel

At the Moschino Cheap and Chic spring '13 runway show, backstage makeup artist Hannah Murray's ultramarine colored eyeliner (it's featured on page 72 of our April issue!) reminds us of everything we love about summer: pools, trips to the beach, and hopefully getting to experience a boating excursion similar to the one in our favorite Wes Anderson film Life Aquatic. (If you haven't seen it, the oceanic scenery is accompanied by an incredibly soothing, Portuguese rendition of David Bowie's Life on Mars.)

To get the full breakdown of the look, we asked makeup artist Nina Park to walk us through the steps. Start channeling a life aquatic of your own with Parks step-by-step tutorial:


"Start with prepped, well-hydrated moisturized skin. As this look focuses on the electric blue eyeliner, the skin is kept clean and fresh. Use a light formula foundation that will even the skin and glow like MAC Face and Body Foundation. Place a blending sponge in mineral water and squeeze out excess while the foundation warms on the back of your hand. Dab the sponge in the product and lightly press and roll into skin starting at the T-zone (forehead, down around the nose and cheeks if necessary) as this area is where most women have discoloration."

"If you may have any discoloration under your eyes, use a light-consistency concealer where needed. Again, we want to keep the skin youthful, natural, and as radiant as possible. Using your fingers, dab a illuminating shine like High Beam by Benefit on the tops of cheekbones and bridge of nose for an instant glow."

"Dust off any access translucent setting powder with a brush and set only near the T-zone where needed. We want the radiant skin to come through!"


"Using a vibrant blue eyeliner like MAC Pro Hi-Def Cyan Chromagraphic Pencil, apply through the waterline to lower lashes. You should apply a few extra coats until you've reached the right amount. Sharpen the pencil and apply the liner around the tearduct to the inner third of the top lash line. Repeat on the outer lash line. Follow with coats of your favorite blackest black mascara on the top lashes only."


"Brush through the brows and fill in any holes needed with a brow pencil. This look calls for a natural, groomed eyebrow. Use brow gel to set into place."


"To get a little extra glow, use MAC Cream Color Base in Improper Copper. Using a small amount, blend well with your fingers before applying the product to your cheeks."


"Pat a lip balm like Clarin's Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Balm on the lips and voila! From runway to home--now your look is complete."

There you have it. FYI, if you're not feeling blue Park also recommends MAC Pro Chromaphic pencil in Rich Purple for a "beautiful and fun alternative to smoky eyes."

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