ghost world

your desk can get a little creepier, thanks to artist Matt Siren.

by faran krentcil

The artist Matt Siren certainly loves opposites. He says his work is influenced by '80s cartoons... and also the Art Nouveau movement that began as a reaction against the Industrial Revolution.  He says his most famous image - the serene and smiling Ghost Girl - is a combination of female beauty and the Pac Man Ghost.  And he says that although Ghost Girl is an icon who haunts streets around the world, she's also a 3-D object that can live in your house.

How?  Because she got created by My Plastic Heart, a toy company for connoisseurs of the weird and wonderful.  Clocking in at six inches and $45, Ghost Girl is suddenly more than just a sticker campaign, a wheat paste icon, and a graffiti tag.  She's that creepy / beautiful thing you keep on your desk, just for the hell of it.

Want her?  Get her on June 1.  In the meantime, check out Matt Siren's other amazing art projects...

See Ghost Girl here

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