Illustrated by Laura Tien


NYLONshop Stocking Stuffers For Every Friend In Your Group Chat

It’s time to get personal

If you’re anything like us, you’ve avoided opening those incoming Secret Santa wish lists to escape the December gift-shopping jitters. While picking out that perfect present for your bestie may be rewarding in itself, it’s definitely no walk in the park. You may think you know that childhood comrade of yours inside and out, but the question of “which color?” pops up mid-purchase and, all of a sudden, you’re in full-on panic mode.

We get it—it’s not easy to find that little something for everyone. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few NYLONshop picks for every personality on your list to make your holiday shopping excursion just a little less daunting.

We know that each friend in your group chat has a little quirk that you can work with. Some friends spend their nights in the company of a pizza, while others sit entertained with YouTube beauty tutorials for hours at a time. One friend dreams of a full-on mermaid life, while others fly their goth flag high. Whatever category your friends may fall into, we’re here to make your holiday browsing as easy as possible.

Click through the gallery to see our picks for every type of stocking. Warning: generic holiday sweaters are not included.

Illustrated by Laura Tien

Your pop culture enthusiast will see Kylie written all over these goodies:

Manic Panic, Stiletto Lipstick, $16, available at NYLONshopKILLSTAR, Moonchild Ankle Socks, $13, available at NYLONshopCRSHR, Super Spicy Dad Hat, $28, available at NYLONshopSnash Jewelry, Twerk ring, $60, available at NYLONshop.

Illustrated by Laura Tien

For the beauty buff:

Eva NYC, Galaxy Blow Dryer, $60, available at NYLONshopncLA, Calavera Nail Wraps, $16, available at NYLONshopAquarian Soul, Stardust and Moonstone Highlighting Balm, $48, available at NYLONshopDeciem, Booster Low-Molecular HA, $20, available at NYLONshop.

Illustrated by Laura Tien

For the fish out of the water, hoping to regrow her mermaid's tail:

Sonix, Shelly Rainbow iPhone 6/6S Case, $39, available at NYLONshopSecret Society of Ex Mermaids, Ex-Mermaid Black Beanie, $20, available at NYLONshopSkinnydip, Silver Shell Coin Purse, $20, available at NYLONshopValfre, Vitamin Sea Crewneck, $55, available at NYLONshop.

For the little monster in your life:

Unreal Fur, Abracadabra Jacket in Orchid Indigo, $279, available at NYLONshopCoco and Breezy, Seastar Sunglasses, $230, available at NYLONshopCRSHR, Middle Finger Dad Hat, $28, available at NYLONshopMORMO, Mini Droolita Backpack in Pink, $345, available at NYLONshop.

Illustrated by Laura Tien

Your anti-social friend needs these for her next Netflix session:

KILLSTAR, Everything Sucks Beanie, $29, available at NYLONshopTeesAndTankYou, A Lovely Cheese Pizza Crewneck in White, $26, available at NYLONshopGreeving Cards, Black is the New Black Tote, $27, available at NYLONshopThe Moon Cult, Black Like My Soul Mug, $20, available at NYLONshopYummy World, Extra Large Cheesy Pie Pizza Plush, $50, available at NYLONshop.

Illustrated by Laura Tien

For the friend constantly tracking their carbon footprint:

Hot As Hell, Velvet Pane Bodysuit, $218, available at NYLONshopHerbivore Botanicals, CALM Bath Salts, $18, available at NYLONshopFlorapy, Floral Therapy Sheet Mask Collection, $56, available at NYLONshopAquarian Soul, Dream Space Wisdom Oil, $12, available at NYLONshop.

Illustrated by Laura Tien

For the zodiac zealot who blames mercury's retrograde for everything:

Year Of The Hare, Una Cuff, $128, available at NYLONshopManic Panic, Stiletto Lipstick, $16, available at NYLONshopPOP Shoes, Fairmount Shoe in White, $145, available at NYLONshopKILLSTAR, Moonchild Ankle Socks, $13, available at NYLONshop.