Unwrapped: For Your Instagram Famous Friend

Do it for the ‘gram

Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, it’s 31 days of gift giving; for a month, we’ll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list—from your hard-to-please parents to your ’90s-loving BFF and even your spoiled pet. Filled with creative picks that got our pulses racing, our Unwrapped holiday gift guides will make Christmas shopping a breeze this holiday season.

We all have that one friend who cherishes being present in the moment, and then capturing that moment in a photo to post on Instagram. Who knows, maybe you're that friend, though? Whatever you decide to get the ultimate digital influencer in your life, just know that it has to be good enough to share with the world wide web. (If they won't show it to their followers then what's the point?!) The pressure is definitely on the rise, but we guarantee that our list of gift goodies will make you feel way less stressed. Do it for the 'gram.

Fur, Fur x Only Hearts Underwear and Oil, $69, available at Fur.

Intimacy is important for any relationship to thrive. This set is better for your IG famous friend that has a significant other; it's all about adding a touch of luxury to that natural state of the human body. 

Mario Badescu, Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater, $7, available at Nordstrom.

This is the stuff of beauty guru legend! At only seven dollars it is the perfect gift for your beauty obsessed BFF to see if it lives up to its hype for her. 

Diptyque, 3 Candle Holiday Coffret, $100, available at Diptyque.

Smell ya later! If your friend hasn't already experienced the power of a Diptyque candle, be the first to introduce them. It's a rite of passage.

Grown Alchemist, Hand Cream Trio, $69, available at Beauty Habit.

All the cool bloggers use Grown Alchemist religiously, so you can't go wrong with this trio. Perfect in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Glossier, Black Tie Set, $50, available at Glossier.

Essentially every millennial girl's favorite beauty brand, it would be a crime to not gift this pretty little set.

Pestle & Mortar, Hydrating Duo Gift Set, $130, available at Pestle and Mortar.

Who wouldn't want to photograph this? Your friend will thank you for boosting their Klout and moisture in their skin.

LuMee, LuMee Duo iPhone 7, 6s, 6 Case, $69.95, available at LuMee.

The best phone case in the whole dang universe. This newest style, featuring front and back LEDs, is perfect for all of those selfies your friend takes on the regular.

Herbivore Botanicals, Pink Clay Beauty Set, $45, available at Herbivore Botanicals.

In just three simple steps, this set will nourish and soothe your skin, so you're always Instagram ready. Plus, it's pink.

Photojojo, Iris Lens Series, $69.99, available at Photojojo.

Give your friend even more photo options with this hi-tech case.

Photojojo, Foldio Portable Studio, $75-139, available at Photojojo.

The ultimate investment for an IG star. In this day and age, if you can't post it, it didn't happen. This portable studio allows you to make every event an envy-inducing one by making every moment illuminated to perfection.

Gardener's Supply Company, Classic Mini Magnet Succulent Garden, Set of 3, $34.95, available at Gardeners.

Plants enhance any aesthetic. The inside of your fridge is already beautiful enough because, food, duh. The outside shouldn't be left out, either, and these low-maintenance, mini succulents make decorating like an adult easy AF.

Onomie, Limited Edition Trio, $135, available at Onomie.

The most Instagrammable trio you ever did see. Don't let all the cuteness fool you; these products really do work.

Foxie Cosmetics, Holiday Gift Set '16, $88.00, available at Foxie Cosmetics.

Whether your bestie has been naughty or nice this year, she'll definitely be able to put these vegan gifts to good use. 

Sanguis Ornatus, Servus Choker in 'Nude,' $90, available at Cixous72.

Chokers are in right now, did you know?

Milk Makeup, Face Gloss, $20, available at Milk Makeup.

Get with the program, this brand is hot right now.

DAVIDsTEA, The Matcha Essentials, #35, available at DAVIDsTEA.

Matcha is all the rage these days. If your friend doesn't have the fortune of living in a city loaded with matcha bars and cafes, this is the next best thing. She or he will thank you so matcha.

Bite Beauty, Amuse Bouche Lipstick in 'Mistletoe,' $26, Available at Sephora.

This time of year is meant for a bold, red lip. This shade specifically does the trick.

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