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gigi hadid spills her beauty secrets

blonde ambition.

Gigi Hadid—teenage It girl, model, and fashion muse has just added Maybelline spokesperson to her already impressive dossier. Here, she spills her beauty secrets.

How did you become the new face of Maybelline? Who approached who?

I'd met a few people associated to Maybelline at photo shoots and events, which I guess would have started the conversation about me working with the brand. Then I went in for a meeting and that's where they really wanted to get to know me to make sure I would be the perfect Maybelline girl. After that my contract started to be discussed!

What’s your earliest memory of using Maybelline makeup?

I really started to wear makeup when I was in high school, and I remember Maybelline being all my girlfriends’ favorite makeup brand. I think the first Maybelline product I ever used was my best friend’s Super Stay 24 Hr Concealer—a product that I still use today—because who doesn’t have to cover up their pimples in 9th grade…and after?!

What’s your all-time favorite, cult Maybelline product?

Super Stay 24 Hr Concealer. 

What’s your favorite product that’s new from the brand?

The Nudes Palette. It’s the best, seriously.

What’s the best and worst beauty advice your mom [Yolanda Foster] has ever given you?

My mom mostly taught me about taking care of my skin, especially protecting it from sun-damage. One thing we used to do together when I was young was exfoliate our lips with a sugar scrub and a wet towel. I don't think she ever gave bad beauty advice; she didn't really want us wearing makeup when we were young but we were always playing with her hair stuff. I think she let us get a little too comfortable because one day I cut my own bangs, and it happened to be the day before one of my Baby Guess campaigns...oops!

What’s your biggest beauty secret you’ve learned in the industry?

I think just being able to watch different makeup artists’ techniques; I've really learned how to do my own makeup through them.

Any beauty advice you can pass on to our readers?

Keeping your skin healthy is the most important thing. Just having that natural glow is better than any makeup can do for you.

Who’s your ultimate beauty icon?

Candice Swanepoel because I think she does a really great job of letting the makeup show off her face rather than take it over.

What beauty advice have you passed down to your sister Bella? 

I do her makeup for her sometimes, and she always asks for makeup tips.

Anything else exciting brewing for 2015? 

There's a lot brewing for sure, but you'll have to wait to find out!!